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Numala Muse

Signature Range

Nurmala Muse - Signature Candles

Learn How to Unlock the Magic in Your Candle

Each of the candles in the Nurmala Muse - Signature Range is infused with more than just what the eye can see. You have beatiful rare Earth Gems and dried herbs all set in organic Soy Wax to help drive what it is you can not see.

Each candle in the range is exposed to light and sound therapy during their cooling as well as being set with intent with Earthly Green Magic by Nurmala Muse herself.

You can unlock the magic in your candle by following these three simple steps the first time you light it.

  1. Light your candle the first time with a match - Earth lights Earth

  2. Before lighting your candle read the manifestation on the card provided.

  3. Understand the manifestation and what it means to you.

  4. Light your candle and repeat the manifestation 3 times once it is burning.

If at anytime you feel that you need to tap into further energy from your candle, simply repeat your manifestation each time you light it, or smell its fragrance.


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